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President's Report

John Parks


We are getting ready to begin a new year of programs which will kick-off again in August! I want to start off the year by thanking all of our board members and volunteers who work hard keeping our chapter growing and performing at a high level. This year, we have a few new board members joining our team. Lyn Adair will be our new VP Legislation and she has enlisted the help of James Hatton to assist her in covering all items related to legislative activities in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Kevin Hayes will be our new AYP Liaison. Since Kevin is located in the Tulsa area, he will continue to rely on Gavin Swenson to coordinate AYP activities in OKC. Gavin Swenson will be taking on additional responsibilities as our Corresponding Secretary which, among other things, includes website management. We hope to have more information on changes to our website coming in the next few months.

Pamela Dunlap is returning as our VP Technical. She is currently looking for programs to fill out our technical lunch presentations for the next year. If you have a program you would like to present please contact her as soon as possible. These presentations can fill up very quickly. Matt Marshall is also returning as VP Membership. We finished the fiscal year in June with a new high in membership for our chapter and things are still looking good for future growth. We also want to recognize the efforts of Robert Smith as our Treasurer, David Terry as our Administrative Secretary, Travis Pannell as our Affiliate Liaison, Clay Coe and Bob Arison as our Golf Tournament and Fund Raising Chairmen. Without the hard work of these men and women, we could not maintain the level of success we are currently enjoying.

As I reflect back on my years leading this chapter, I am thankful for all of the opportunities that have been opened up to me. I have been afforded the opportunity to share ideas and discuss design issues with some of the best engineers and designers in the plumbing industry from all over the US. I have attended conferences and symposiums that have expanded my knowledge and exposed me to different ways to tackle design issues. Through all of this, I have made new contacts and friends that have proved to be invaluable in both my professional career and my personal life. ASPE is a great way to improve professional and personal growth. If this sounds like something you might want to experience, please reach out to me or any board member and offer your assistance. We need chapter members to step up and volunteer. It takes only a few people to get something started, but it takes a community to sustain it and to keep it growing!

Our next Technical Presentation will discuss “The Art of Water” and will be held on August 13th in OKC, August 14th in Tulsa and August 15th in Fayetteville. Please visit our website at to register for these events.

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Technical Report

Pamela Dunlap, P.E.

We had a wide variety of topics for our meetings last year, lots of piping, water heaters, building penetrations and Oklahoma codes, to name a few.

We begin this year with a seminar by Elkay, who will sponsor lunch at all three sites. Kendall Bullock will present the topic “The Art of Water.” Topics to be covered include the progresses that have been made in energy savings, safety and maintenance. Kendall is a Technical Field Support Specialist for Elkay.

We continue to schedule meetings for the coming fiscal year, seeking presenters for our technical lunch programs to be held in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Fayetteville, AR beginning in September 2019. Last year, our average attendance at our presentations was over 70 people each month. Approximately 65% of those in attendance were engineers, designers and contractors. We are currently looking to fill the following dates:


Sept 10
Oct 8


Sept 11
Oct 9


Sept 12
Oct 10

If you are interested in providing a presentation, please submit the presentation topic and 3 to 5 bullet points to describe the discussion items to be covered in the presentation to Pamela Dunlap, by email [email protected], or telephone 918.587.4747. It also helps to provide a brief biography for the presenter. All submissions are reviewed by the Education Committee prior to scheduling a date.

Though I have a slow start, we have been approached by several product representatives and look forward to the coming year of learning. Please feel free to offer ideas, I keep a running list.

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Membership Report

Matt Marshall

Greetings from the ASPE OK Board of Governors! I hope everyone has been enjoying the break and a COOL summer! Since it’s the inaugural newsletter, I wanted to catch all our members up on where membership stands. ASPE Oklahoma has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years and we are happy to report that we reached the highest number of active members in Oklahoma since the chapter’s inception! 56 strong and counting! We have had a tremendous effort in the Tulsa area and also a great start for our neighbors in North West Arkansas. Thank you to our members, the BOD, and all our sponsors that are out making it happen! I look forward to a BIG year and be on the look-out for new membership challenges in the future.

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Legislative Report

Lyn Adair

As new board members we are just getting in and getting our feet wet, so to speak. We have a unique situation for this position, in that we have myself, Lyn Adair as the newly appointed VPL, and we also have a Co-VPL, James Hatton. James and I will divide and conquer as we have two states to be responsible for at this time. The Oklahoma Chapter is sponsoring the Arkansas area in hopes that Arkansas will soon become an official Satellite Chapter. James will be covering Oklahoma and I will take on Arkansas.

As VP Legislative for the Oklahoma chapter, it is our responsibility to identify codes, ordinances, municipal or state regulations that are changing or being adopted. One of our first tasks will be identifying key individuals and/or entities with whom we need to talk to, and creating contact lists so that we can start to build relationships and have open communications to better perform our duties.
If anyone has any code related information that you think would be helpful to our chapter, we would really appreciate you sending that on to us. Any experiences with code official’s requirements that are new to the industry or just to you, please tell us about those.

James and I will also make ourselves available to do our best to try to help anyone out who might have code related questions. We look for to serving our chapter and to a good year.

Lyn Adair
479-521-8634 Ext. 3017
[email protected]

James Hatton
405-463-6570 Ext. 3307
[email protected]

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Calendar of Events

August 2019 Oklahoma Chapter Meeting

Oklahoma City
August 13th, 11:30 am

August 14th, 11:30 am

August 15th, 11:30 am

The Art of Water
by Kendall Bullock, Elkay Manufacturing

The discussion will cover how water bottle filling stations help conserve energy while encouraging the use of using reusable bottles to minimize disposable plastic bottle waste.

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Changes are coming!

We are working to improve our website, emails, newsletter and other administrative functions for our chapter. Instead of using several different programs to perform these functions, we will use one program for all of these functions and more! This should simplify our operations and provide us with greater opportunities. Our new website will combine all of the current features while adding event registration and online payment options, member’s only features, event notifications and much more!

We will also offer advertising in our future newsletters. We are using newsletter as a trial run to get used to writing articles, putting it together, etc. We are still working on ad rates and other requirements but will keep you posted as decisions are made. If you are interested in this feature, please let us know.

Our target date for release will be October 1st so keep an eye out for these improvements and let us know what you think!

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