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January Technical Presentation

Roof Drains - The Hole Story


Craig Froeter spent 25 years as a roofing contractor and throughout that time dealt with many roof drain issues.  During that time, he saw many scary things regarding why the water wasn’t flowing down the drains as it should. Having experienced the primary/secondary drains miss understanding in the early years of the code change he invented and developed the Bi-functional drain. As founder and President of Froet Industries LLC, he holds four US patents. he was on the founding committee for the ASPE/IAPMO Z1034 Standard for roof drain flow performance and is presently on the working committee of the revision for the ASME A112.6.4 Standard for roof drains. He has been involved in flow testing drains since 2002.


This discussion will discuss current industry issues involving roof drainage systems including flow and performance testing, design and installation issues, Standards and Codes.

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